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The development of accounting is based on documentation provided by the company for further processing. Once registered, we proceed to analyzing and drawing conclusions in order to keep administrators informed of your business situation regularly and punctually.
There is also the possibility of implementing software fully integrated with our software, achieving a total flow of data communication telematic or diskette for verification and monitoring in our office. 

Services that we offer:

  • Planning and implementation of accounting.
  • Study, organization and accounting review.
  • Technical advice on accounting issues.
  • Information and processing of formal obligations.
  • Preparation of official Bookkeeping:
  • Daily Paper
  • Book inventory and annual gutters
  • Book of Acts
  • Book of partners
  • Books VAT
  • Record Book of income and expenses
  • Updating accounts.
  • Financial and corporate accounting.
  • Opening and closing of the accounting year.
  • Preparation, legalization and deposit the financial statements in the Commercial Register:
  • Authentication of official ledgers.
  • Analysis of depreciation and amortization.