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Tax planning is essential for the proper functioning of the company. It guidelines to be followed throughout the year are fixed. The information for the best tax advice are analyzing the accounting of the company, and based on the information obtained proceed to the completion of tax returns.
Nuestros servicios en este apartado son:

· Tax planning exercise and subsequent monitoring.
· Tax advice.
· Value Added Tax mod.300 + MOD.390.
· Withholding local leasing MOD.115 + MOD.180.
· Preparation Tax Income Tax MOD.110 + MOD.190 workers.
· Payment in installments Imp. MOD.202 Societies.
· Declaration MOD.347 Operations.
· Statement Operations Intra-community MOD.349.
Statement · Imp. MOD.200 / 201 Companies.
· Intrastat Declaration.
· Financial Statements.
· Legitimacy and deposit the official books.
· Assistance and representation before official bodies in tax matters (Inspections, resources ...).
· High and low business taxes.
· High and low tax census.
· Transfer tax administration.
· Management inheritance and gift tax.
· Local treasuries.
· Benefits and tax exemptions.
· Methods and tax management.
· Requirements and postponements.