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Employment Counseling

Social Security :

  • Registration of companies in the Social Security.
    • Ups and downs of workers. Variations of data.
    • Allowances and subsidies.
    • Postponement of ordinary shares and executive action.
    • Overstock quota. Returns quota.
    • Clothing Parts of sickness and accident, communication to the INSS and Mutual by RED system and DELTA.
    • Liability Insurance.
    • Resources on Social Security.
    • Tailoring Social Insurance General R., R. Special Agricultural, Special R. del Mar.
    • Management certificate be current on payments or debts to Social Security.
    • High and low self-employed special regime.
    • RED System Connecting with Social Security Treasury.

    Roster :

    • Preparation of payroll.
    • Monthly summaries.
    • Costing.
    • Control and regulation of retentions.

    Contracts :

    • Contracts (manufacture, processing high and low sec. Social).
    • Extensions of contracts.
    • Presentation of the contract before the relevant Agencies

    Other features :

    • Legalization of new business.
    • Guestbook Management and D. Job Opening work center.
    • Enterprise Certification Preparation for the INEM.
    • Clothing certificate remuneration and withholding income tax. Data communication to the payer.
    • Assistance and representation services Inspection of Labour and Social Security.
    • Allowances and subsidies.
    • Proceedings before the Mutual of Accidents at Work.